A Budget Commander Deck Build For Hama Pashar, Ruin Seer

Our Commander and Our Theme:

Let’s get things started off with our commander. Hama Pashar is a budget commander with one simple plan, using the “venture in to the dungeon” mechanic to access power triggers and win the game. Because so many synergistic cards have “enter the battlefield” triggers, we will also be delving into a blink or flicker theme. For those unfamiliar with those terms, they simply mean we want to have our creatures enter and leave the battlefield as much as possible.

All The Adventuring We Can Ask For:

To start, we want those venture triggers so we can get all that awesome doubling action. Key cards include:

We get powerful evasion and triggers off dealing damage with Midnight Pathlighter, and every time Nadaar, Selfless Paladin attacks, we get to venture, combined with Pathlighter, we get 4 triggers if we have everything on board.

Don’t Blink… Well Actually…

Do blink. Blink a lot. With these cards, the goal is to get all the ETB triggers we can muster.

With creatures like Flickerwisp and Oji, the Exquisite Blade, we can keep racking up tons of ETB good stuff.

Just Keep Blinking

With spells like Far Traveler and Illusionist’s Stratagem in our arsenal, we will finish dungeons and keep The Initiative all game long.

Looking At the Mana Base

A solid deck is nothing without a good mana base. With these budget commander staples we are sure to have the mana we need, when we need it.

Want more?

For a full deck list, check out my build on Moxfield here. Also like and follow my Moxfield for more budget brews and just general fun to run decks.

Thanks and see you next month,

— Marcus

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