What is a gaming convention without GAMING!!!! Crashcitycon offers the best in RPGs, CCGs, and board gaming!

So far we are running the following games:

Dungeons & Dragons 5e as well as other versions.

Savage Worlds



Clement Sector




Power Ranger Roleplay

Magic The Gathering

Pokemon Card Game


Cards Against Humanity (in the late night after the kiddies have gone to bed)

Board Gaming in Open Gaming Area

Our Guest of Honor will be running games in his room as well!

We also boast an amazing LARP from our friends at Waking Nightmares which will be running all weekend!!!!!

We are still receiving applications for Gaming Volunteers/GMs until July 15 so there will be a whole lot more to be added to the list. The schedule will be posted end of July!

We are searching for qualified moderators, judges, and/or game masters. If that’s you, please fill out the form below!

Gaming volunteer