Join us for mystery, mayhem, dancing, and maybe even a little murder! Crashcitycon Announces its first ever masquerade ball. Come dressed as your favorite character and make sure you wear a mask. Will include a king and queen, and an unmasking! This event will kick off the Murder Mystery Weekend and be held in the exhibition area of the special event center.

Saturday 10:00am – Live Recording of The MatchSlip Podcast hosted by Frank Angelone – Main Stage

The goal of this podcast is to showcase local game stores (LGS) throughout the United States. This podcast will contain interviews with LGS owners discussing their experiences running events and running their stores on a day-to-day basis. We invite you to subscribe to the podcast, as well as the newsletter where Frank shares his reviews of the stores he has visited in person.

Saturday 12:00pm – Jefferson Rose, The Magnificent Lefty – Exhibit Area

My Name is Jefferson Rose. I am The Magnificent Lefty, Magician and Professional Freak. Roanoke’s only full-time, professional street performer.A year and a half ago, I produced the Star City Street Performer Expo in 2022. It was a lot of work, by a lot of people to put on a family-friendly show that was 100% free to attend. To see and enjoy amazing variety entertainers from all over the world.

Saturday 1:00pm – Umbral Blades presents Historical European Martial Arts Exhibition – Exhibit Area

We are the Umbral Blades HEMA club. We are a martial arts study group based in the New River Valley that seeks to understand historical weapons and techniques in a modern context.

Saturday 4:00pm – Crashcitycon Murder Mystery Weekend – The Reading of the Will

Saturday 7:00pm Looper’s Paradise by BlueberryMain Stage

Enjoy awesome loopstation covers by Beatboxing and Looper Artist, Blueberry! This is guaranteed to be an exciting show!!!!

Saturday 8:00pm – Crashcitycon Karaoke Party – Main Stage

Try out your singing voice in this judgement free, just for fun singing event.

Sunday – Main Stage

9:00am – non denomination church serviceMAIN STAGE

10:00am on – Cosplay events with panels, and contest. details added soon!!!!


Not Scheduled Yet

How to survive in the RPG publishing business – John WattsMain Stage

Everything you wanted to know about publishing your own games, but were afraid to ask.

So you want to be a writer…. – Mike Allen – Main Stage

Becoming an Author is not as easy as it sounds

Publishing dos and don’tsPhillip Martin

To all new authors…. Choosing a publisher can be very tricky and expensive. Find out more from writers that have been there.

Podcasting 101 – Travis Sivart – Main Stage

Learn the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a podcast. how to get started and what to do.

Meet our Guests of Honor – Don Haymaker – Main Stage

Get to know all of our GOHs, what makes them tick, what do they want from life, their intermost and darkest secrets. Which one has been knighted and was a king for 3 minutes? Which one was a member of Starfleet? Which one publishes their own books?

Cosplay Photoshoots – Katelyn Sarver – Courtyard in front of the fountain.

Show-off your cosplay by posing for photos in front of the courtyard fountain on the Berglund Plaza. Professional hotographer will be on hand.

CrashCityCon 2024 is August 23-25, 2024 at the Berglund Center Special Events Center!!!!!!!