Welcome to Roanoke’s Premier Gaming and Fan Convention!!!!

Tabletop Gaming at it’s best! Role Playing Games, Board Gaming, Card Gaming, Vendors, and so much more!!!Play with some of the top Game Masters in the area. Enjoy a casual game in our open gaming area. Learn to play games you always wanted to play.

Enter our Cosplay contest, Anime Trivia Contest, Writers Panels, Art gallery, and Young-Gamer-Zone!!!!


Our mission is to provide a convention that gamers and fellow “Nerdverse” enthusiasts can enjoy meeting new friends learning new games and just having a blast!


Our vision is to teach as many new people to not only be gamers, but that there’s an entire world of hobbying, fun and inspiration. While gamers are the reason we still around today, we love nerd culture in all it’s shape and forms!


Our values are to provide a safe place to come to play games, have fun and show out, without the fear of judgement, harassments, or prejudice. People who look down on other are better off somewhere else.


Gaming is the greatest social club!!!! Tabletop gaming creates friendships that last a lifetime. Unlike video gaming, tabletop gaming allows you to enjoy the company of friends and family as you immerse yourself in a world that let’s you forget the real world for a while. Whether it be a board game, card game, or roll playing game, there is something for everyone in gaming.

Our Team

Don Haymaker

Convention Executive Director

Marcus Perdue

Convention Vice Executive Director

T.J. Campensa

Convention Vice Executive Director

Blake Tolman

Registration Director

Tim Moran

Director of Promotions

Michael Bezy

Vendor Room Director

Katelyn Law-Sarver

Cosplay Director