We cannot have a convention without our volunteers! we rely on you to help us make the convention an absolute success so that our attendees have the best experience.

Below are a list of a few things that you should know about being a volunteer for CrashCityCon:

1. Always try to have a positive attitude. We get it, people can be trying, so if you have an issue, find a staff member.

2. Volunteering is just that, you are not getting paid so you will not be treated like an employee. We want the experience to be a great one for you! which leads to number 3….

3. Have fun!!! A convention should be fun before anything else, we don’t want anyone to be stressing about anything. Our moto is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff…..It’s all small stuff!”

4. Working 12 hours will allow you a free weekend pass to CrashCityCon. This would include any help provided to set up and tear down.

5. As a volunteer, you will be instructed on how to do your assigned task. Many jobs are self explanitory, but some will require instruction.

6. If you are still with us at this point and you still want to participate… please fill out the contact form below:

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